Meet Our Team

While Katy and I (Chris) have spent a lot of our time planning, building, and now managing The Glass Jug, we are really thankful for the great team that we’ve built over the past three months.

These are the guys (and gals) who you’ve probably seen pouring you a beer, answering a question, or helping you select the perfect beer for the occasion. Not only that, but they help Katy and I do our jobs better, which will hopefully, in turn, make your experience at The Glass Jug better.

So we wanted to introduce you to them, help you put names to faces, and tell you a little about how awesome they are.

Aaron Shoemaker

image1Aaron comes to us by way of Paddy O’Beers and Tasty Beverage, two great Raleigh bottle shops where Aaron has worked, prior to joining us at The Glass Jug. That means that he has more experience working in a bottle shop than we do, so we were really excited to bring him on board and gather some of his expertise. You’ll likely see Aaron’s hand in a lot of the things around the shop – from the way products are organized and displayed to what beers we have on the shelf. Aaron is a Certified Beer Server and is intimately familiar with the craft beer available in NC, and he is always happy to point you in the right direction. He’s also a bit of a handyman and grows a mean veggie and herb garden!

Wes Vanasek

WesWes is a beer geek, homebrewer, and Certified Beer Server that enjoys expanding his palate by trying new beers and new styles. He has been homebrewing for 3 years and is always looking to brew something new and exciting. Wes has experience behind the bar, having previously managed the bar at Firebirds Grill at Southpoint Mall. Wes can explain to you how a beer is made, what it will taste like, and even suggest a dish pair well with!

Clint Eaker

ClintClint Eaker is a long-time homebrewer, Certified Beer Server, and a BJCP judge, having judged many homebrew and commercial beer competitions. He has also won his fair share of ribbons for his own homebrewing over the years.  Clint learned to brew from his dad more years ago than he cares to remember, and since then, beer has grown from a a passing interest, to an enjoyable hobby, to listening to podcasts from “The Brewing Network” on his commute to and from work and choosing restaurants for dinner based on what they have on draft.  Clint is always more than happy to tell you about his latest concoction, or recommend a great beer he recently tried, so don’t hesitate to ask questions of him, as you search the shelves for the perfect brew.

Kelly Holt

imageKelly has spent the better part of the last 15 years as a beer-loving stay at home mom, but now that she is an empty nester, she’ll be joining us at The Glass Jug to continue on her beer journey.  We will be utilizing Kelly’s business knowledge (she has kept the books for her husband’s business for many years) and task-oriented demeanor to help keep the ship sailing during the day.  Kelly is part of the team that helped organize 919 Beer and the Beericana Craft Beer & Music Festival this year, so she brings a great skill-set and knowledge of the local craft beer scene to our team.

Lindsay Stipe

you can see my faceLindsay has been a longtime friend of ours (we discovered craft beer with her in college, and she played cello at our wedding!).  She recently received her Master’s degree in music, and as she is getting settled back here in NC, she has graciously agreed to help us manage our Friday afternoon crowd.  She’s worked as a barista and enjoys craft beer, but this is her first gig in the beer industry.  And we’re glad it’s with us!

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