Stock Up on Craft Beer Stocking Stuffers

Here at The Glass Jug, we believe that craft beer is the perfect gift for every occasion, whether it be the holiday season, a birthday, housewarming, or just a gift to yourself.

Since the holiday shopping season is upon us, and we all have craft beer-loving friends, we thought we would take a few minutes to highlight some of the great gifts and stocking stuffers that every beer enthusiast needs.

A High-Quality Bottle Opener


Sure, we all have bottle openers hanging on our keychains that we got for free at a conference or event. Or maybe we still secretly have those flip-flops or belt buckles with the built-in bottle opener, but every true craft beer fan appreciates the craftsmanship of a well-made, effective, long-lasting bottle opener.

One of our favorite styles is the simple wooden opener that utilizes two screws to pry off the cap. These work especially well if you like to keep the caps for future use in DIY projects, as these openers open the bottle without bending the cap.

Some of these openers also utilize small magnets to catch the cap so that it doesn’t go bouncing down the counter when you open the bottle. Magnets can also be on the back of the opener, so that you can stick it on your fridge for safe keeping.

One of our former employees, Aaron Shoemaker, is a pro at making these openers. In fact, we’ve had him put together a bunch with our logo laser-etched into it, for a great finishing touch. You can pick up one for yourself, or one as a stocking stuffer for your buddy who is still opening bottles with his belt buckle, for only $10.

The Perfect Beer Glass

Tulip Glass

We all know that pint glasses are falling out of fashion (for good reason). The sophisticated beer drinker uses a glass with a little more curve. Different shapes of glasses can help bring out the aroma in a beer, hold in the head, keep your hands from warming the beer, and generally make your beer seem super-fancy.

We cary glassware from lots of local breweries, and even have some glassware imported from our favorite Belgian and German breweries. But, if you want the real deal, pick up some of the tulip glasses with The Glass Jug log on them, to really impress someone. Glassware at The Glass Jug ranges from $5-10.

Beer Coolers & Carriers

Growler coolers

The best thing about craft beer is sharing it with your friends, so for your craft beer enthusiast on the go, pick them up a soft-shell beer cooler to keep their growlers or 6-packs cool as they travel to the next bottle share, or just to take a few bottles down to the beach on their next vacation. We carry single-growler coolers for $22, and double-growler coolers (that also work great for 6-packs) for $28.

Growler box carrier

If keeping the beer cold isn’t as important as keeping your growlers from rolling around the car on your trips to and from The Glass Jug, consider grabbing a Growler Box. These hand-made wooden boxes were built right here in the triangle, and they make a great carrier for two growlers (32 oz or 64 oz). It’s a perfect accessory for anyone who likes to keep their growler filled with exciting new brews!

The Great NC Beer Map


Released in October 2015, The Great NC Beer Map details every craft brewery and major beer festival in North Carolina. It’s your one-stop guide with everything you’ll need to know before setting out on the road. Use the map for tracking down new breweries, finding a place to visit when you’re in a new town, or putting together your own brewery tour. It’s also a way to keep track of all the North Carolina breweries you’ve visited, by marking each symbol once you’ve been.

The margins of the map include information on the art, science, and history of craft brewing, to give you a greater understanding of what’s inside the glass. These elements serve as tools for decoding all the beer styles and stats listed on the brewery wall, and they also help you zero in on new brews that will appeal to your palette.

Pick up the map at The Glass Jug for $9.99, or get the poster version for $24.99!

Beer Enthusiast Gift Baskets

Craft beer gift basket

If you’re having trouble picking out just one gift, why not get an NC Beer Enthusiast gift basket? We’ve put together baskets that range from $25 – $100 each, and if you buy them as a basket, you’ll save between $6 and $14, as compared to buying the items individually.

Each gift basket features a custom set of beer supplies, from growlers to coolers, glassware, bottle openers, and even the NC Beer Map, so you really can’t go wrong.

Gift Certificates

If the craft beer fan on your list already has all the accessories, give them the gift of beer! Pick up a gift certificate to The Glass Jug and let them come in and pick out some of their favorites, or have our expert staff help them find something from our selection of over 500 beers on the shelf, or a growler from any of our 16 taps.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these gifts, as they’re sure to be loved by any North Carolina craft beer fan. But, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us, or stop by, and we’d be more than happy to help you pick out the perfect gift for a friend…or for yourself!

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