In the Fall of 2013, the NC General Assembly passed a new law, loosening the strict regulations on the sale and filling of reusable growlers for beer.  Until this point, breweries had the burden of exchanging, cleaning, filling and distributing their growlers and for retail sale. The passage of the new growler law opened the door for retail stores to take the lead, enabling more options for customers and more outlets for fresh draft beer to go.

The Glass Jug is at the forefront of this movement.  As such, it is being built around a core principle – to serve great local and craft beer to our customers in the freshest way possible and let them take it home without sacrificing the quality of the beer.

With this in mind, in 2014, Chris and Katy Creech drew up plans to create the Triangle’s first counter-pressure growler filling station.  With the use of counter-pressure filling technology, The Glass Jug can ensure beer is of a consistent quality and will not be negatively affected by oxidation or loss of carbonation, which can result in flat or stale beer.  By sanitizing, purging with carbon dioxide, and counter-pressure filling, all growlers filled at The Glass Jug are guaranteed to last longer and remain at the high quality the brewers intended.

Since opening in the fall of 2014, The Glass Jug has become one of the premiere beer destinations in the Triangle area. The Glass Jug was voted the Best New Business in Durham County in 2014, and has been a finalist two years running in the INDY Weekly reader’s poll for best draft selection, retail beer selection, neighborhood bar, and bartender (Katy). In 2015, The Glass Jug was also named a North Carolina Retailer of the Year by the NC Retail Merchant’s Association.

As a leading craft beer store, The Glass Jug boasts an unrivaled variety and selection of craft beer in bottles, cans, and on draft.

Chris and Katy